RF Courses


EECS 411. Microwave Circuits I
Prerequisite: EECS 330 or Graduate Standing. I (4 credits)
Transmission-line theory, microstrip and coplanar lines, S-parameters, signal-flow graphs, matching networks, directional couplers, low-pass and band-pass filters, diode detectors. Design, fabrication, and measurements (1-10GHz) of microwave-integrated circuits using CAD tools and network analyzers.

EECS 498. Radio Frequency Engineering


EECS 525. Advanced Solid State Microwave Circuits
Prerequisite: EECS 411, EECS 421 or EECS 521. I (3 credits)
General properties and design of linear and nonlinear solid state microwave circuits including: amplifier gain blocks, low-noise, broadband and power amplifiers, oscillators, mixer and multiplier circuits, packaging, system implementation for wireless communication.

EECS 598. RF Power Amplifier Design