Radiation Laboratory

Mortazawi’s Research Lab is located at the Fourth floor of EECS building, room EECS 4340.
The lab is equipped with the standard RF and microwave measurement facilities including network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, power meters, probe station, wirebonding facility, etc. The major RF and Microwave measurement equipment include:

– Agilent E8364 PNA Series Network Analyzer (Range:10MHz-50GHz)
– Cascade Microtech SUMMIT 9000 Probe Station

– HP Synthesizers up to 40 GHz
– Agilent E4419B EPM Series Power Meter
– Agilent 3631A Triplet Output DC Power Supply
– HP 70820A Microwave Transition Analyzers (DC-40GHz)
– West Bond Wire Bonding Systems

Anechoic Chamber

Located in room EECS 3340, the University of Michigan maintains a large 60 ft. long Anechoic Chamber for Antenna Pattern, Scattering and Radar System Evaluations from L band to Millimeter Wave Frequencies.

This room also contains a small 10 ft. Antenna Measurement Chamber with a dedicated 10-100GHz measurement system Microwave to TeraHertz Device Fabrication.

Fabrication Laboratory

Rm EECS 3440: RF magnetron sputtering machine dedicated to BST deposition.
Lurie Nano Fabrication Facilities, University of Michigan.

Computational Facilities

Extensive Computational Facilities and Accessibility to State-of-Art Graphics and Simulation Tools Such as Agilent Advanced Design System, Mentor Graphics for Integrated Circuit Analysis and HFSS (among others) for Modeling and Simulation of high frequency circuits.